Cumberland-Salem Area Service Information

Why get involved in service?

 This is easy to answer as we only keep what we have by giving it away. Our greatest tool for carrying out our primary purpose is the NA group, and without individuals doing service the NA group would not survive. In our Basic Text it says that ‘our survival is directly related to the survival of the group and the fellowship. We have also found that service is an integral part of personal recovery in NA and allows us to receive the full benefits that this program has to offer. Again our literature says that ‘the therapeutic value of one addict helping another is without parallel.

The hybrid Area Service is currently held the 2nd Sunday of each month at 12pm.


Pittsgrove Senior Center

743 Centerton Rd

Pittsgove, NJ 08318

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CSASC has the following open positions:


Literature Sales Alternate

Literature Review

Vice Treasurer

Policy Archives

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H&I meets the 1st Sunday of each month at 12pm

Bridge The Gap

36 South Laurel Street

Bridgeton, NJ 08302

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Activities meets the last Monday of each month at 6pm

New Meeting Time and Place

Elmer Diner

41 Front St

Elmer, NJ 08318

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Do you have a meeting list or website change to report for your homegroup? 

Please contact the meeting list and website chair with your changes. 

Our First Concept States:

To fulfill our fellowships primary purpose the NA groups have joined together to create a structure which develops, coordinates and maintains services on behalf of NA as a whole’. Just as one addict can help another addict through their shared experience, one group of addicts can help another group of addicts. Because of this groups generally come together geographically to form an Area Service Committee (ASC).

This connects the groups to NA as a whole and forms unity, always remembering that the Group is at the top of the service chain. Because it is unfeasible for each member of each group to attend Area (ASC), a Group Service Representative (GSR) is elected by the groups to regularly attend Area on their behalf. At the local Area a Group can get its literature and be plugged into the needs and requirements of the local area, and also the Area can be plugged into the needs and requirements of the Groups.

Listed below are links that you may find helpful or necessary in carrying out the duties of your service position.